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Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Scott Lambson is an American film director. He is the head of Stone Chapel Films, where he has written, directed, and produced documentaries, television, music videos and feature films. His recent portfolio of films includes Into the Soul (2020) Mr. Earth (2022) Arctic Hollow (2024) Bobby Basketball (2024)


Since founding Stone Chapel Films, filmmaker Scott Lambson has been heavily involved in film and television production. He has produced two documentary films,  the acclaimed PBS film “Where It’s Still a Game,” (2003) and “Following the Music, on the Road with the California Guitar Trio.” (2004)


Soon after his documentary work, he moved into television as a commissioned producer for the Emmy award winning network Current TV. During his time at Current TV he became one of the networks most prolific contributors, writing, producing, and directing twenty-five short form programs in a variety of genres. During that time he also worked in production with NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”

After leaving network television, he began his current career directing feature films, commercials and music videos for artists and brands worldwide.

Scott Lambson


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