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Production Notes

Into the Soul pre-production started in December of 2018. Principal Photography commenced in February of 2019, wrapping in April of 2019. In total there were 17 different production days. The film was primarily shot handheld with a DJI Mavic drone, using a special hand held rig. Post-Production began immediately following the end of principle photography, concluding in September of 2019. Into the Soul screened at multiple festivals across the world and was nominated and won several awards, including, Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Actor. 

Cast & Crew


Director Scott Lambson

Producer Scott Lambson

Producer Ayden Hatch

Screenplay Scott Lambson

Director of Photography Dane Christensen

Composer Alana Portzline


Ayden Hatch

McKenna Flory

Jak Karl

Michael Harvey Fletcher

Casey Wright

Sierra Reid

Doug Willette

Daniel Bird

Shane Morrisun

James Nye

Featurette: How we made a full feature film on $5K
Documentary: The Making of Into the Soul
The Cinematography of Into the Soul
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